Dog Fighting on the Ham Bands – Trail Report for W6/CT-047 Peak 8828

I’ll be honest, I got banged up on this hike. I swapped out my boots because I was expecting snow, used a different pair of socks (big mistake) and did not have micro-spikes. The hike was a lot further than estimated and after 9 miles RT along trail packed with snow and ice I suffered some injuries.

I ended up with blisters on both heels, and in an effort to find a better route with less bushwhacking to the summit I went down the snow covered north face only to slide uncontrollably on my butt between 20-50 yards numerous times. At one point I grabbed a 4″ diameter tree with my right arm to stop myself and racked my arm up pretty good. So once I was off the north face and back on the PCT I limped my butt home.

Other than that, the trail is pretty well marked up to the point where you access the summit itself and you follow the PCT for a ways as well. Cell phone was pretty spotty as was VHF. Still a great hike and I’d do it again one day in the summer.

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