Circle Mountain W6/CT-071

This activation had two planned goals: First was a quick activation in order to return home for other commitments.  Second was to test the “HQD” speaker wire antenna head to head for understanding the directivity.  Click here for a video on how to make the “HQD” speaker wire antenna and here for how to deploy it.

Kevin (W6RIP) and I ran our KX2’s at 10 watts and we both used the “HQD” speaker wire antenna as it’s now known.  The difference between our two stations was the orientation in how we setup the antennas.  One station ran the legs East to West while the other ran North to South.  Our thinking was to verify if we would see a greater response from the broadside of the antenna as they were setup in an inverted “v” configuration.

The results between the orientation surprised us a bit.  For the most part, both stations were able to work the exact same stations across the US and with very close signal reports.  In our opinion, the antenna is pretty much omni-directional.  Watch Kevin’s video here to hear and see how he was able to capture a large part of the 20m test on video.

Now the trail info:

1- Parking & Road Info – This trail is accessible from the paved Lone Pine Canyon Road.  Unless there is snow on this road, it’s wide open to any vehicle.  The parking spot is across the road from the main gate which can’t be missed.  See the included map below for specific coordinates.

2- Trail Conditions – This is a very well marked trail and NO bushwhacking.  You pretty much just follow the path UP, and then UP some more.  It is a pretty steep trail so bring trekking poles to save your knees. There is no shade along the way nor water so plan accordingly.  Once at the summit there are some large trees that can be used for shade and hanging wires.

3- VHF vs HF – This summit offers both options.  For your VHF work you can get into the Inland Empire and the High Desert easily.  There is ample room for multiple HF stations so bring your friends.

4- APRS & Cell spotting – Both can be done with ease from this summit.

5- Extra Info – I’d suggest doing this in the cooler part of the year due to exposure to the sun and wind.  There is a very nice bench I used toward the east side of the summit or you can setup under the large pine trees.  Pack a lunch, and make this an enjoyable day or it can be a quickie.  Also, consider doing this one during the winter bonus season for a 9 point total.  If you’re feeling really ambitious, then bring a tent and spend the night.  I bet the views are awesome!


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