On 12-02-17 I activated Bailey Peak in the San Bernardino National Forest. Bailey Peak is basically a drive up summit along a gentle dirt fire road. You are provided with stellar views to the Inland Empire of Southern California and to the north into the high desert. My five point trail report are as follows:

1- Parking & road info – Parking is along forest road 2N47 just below the trail to the summit. Ample parking for probably 3 vehicles if necessary. You can make it to the parking spot in a high-clearance 2WD vehicle, preferably a truck or SUV unless there is incline weather warranting 4WD.

2- Trail conditions – The “trail” to the summit is very short, maybe .20 of a mile but fairly steep. You walk along an old fire break road and the summit is just a grassy high spot on the ridge with a few trees.

3- I was able to work the summit via VHF on a HT with a small antenna. A beam or or roll up j-pole would make the job easier. There is plenty of room and trees to setup a HF station if desired.

4- APRS and cell phones worked just fine for spotting and other unwanted cell distractions while activating.

5- You do not need a National Forest Adventure Pass for this area, but it’s a good idea to have one handy. This summit, like most of them, is very susceptible to wind so plan accordingly. I think this would be a fun summit to camp on and work HF all night since the truck was so close.

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