I created this website to connect people with the information I share as a "home base" so to speak.  It's no secret that I primarily make YouTube videos of my ham radio hiking adventures while participating in SOTA (Summits On The Air).  If you have never heard of SOTA then I'd encourage you to view my YouTube Channel here and take a look at the SOTA website by clicking here.

Activating a peak with VHF only

I'm often asked about my gear so I created the "HQD Gear Page" to help point you in the right direction on items I feel are worthy of consideration. In full disclosure, it is an Amazon affiliate system so any purchases you make from my links do help support my YouTube efforts at no extra expense to you.  I hope you can find that concept mutually beneficial. While it's not my intention to make a living from YouTube, little offsets here and there do help the efforts and future videos.

What's the #JerryNet? - Some of you may have seen on my Twitter page referencing the #JerryNet. Well it's a fun and interesting story that all started with the "HQD" speaker wire antenna.  I will be creating a new page on this site dedicated to information about digital ham radio and how the #JerryNet got started very soon.

If you watched my YouTube video on the "Wilderness Protocol", then you know I referenced some Hiking Forms. I modified some previously created forms and have made them as a download for you.  Feel free to use or modify these as you need:

Download PDF or Pages Hiking Plan Forms Below